Giving families the support they need

Leadership Team

President & CEO

Karl D. Lehman -

Karl D. Lehman joined Childkind in 1995 and has served as its President & CEO since 2003.  He is on the board of Georgia Association of Homes and Services for Children and is Co-Chair of the Child Protective Services Advisory Committee (CAPTA).

Vice President & COO

Stephanie Owens, MSW -

Stephanie serves as Childkind’s Vice President and COO and is responsible for managing all of the agency’s program services.  She has 20 years experience managing private and public child welfare programs in Georgia and South Carolina.

Director of Placement Services

Kim Boykin, LPC -

Kim serves as Childkind’s Director of Placement Services.  She is responsible for the managing the agency’s foster care program.  She has 8 years experience managing child welfare programs in Georgia.

Business Manager

Trisha Clymore -